Titanium Evo Chefs Knife Aqua Handle 130mm

Our mission is to combine exceptional old-world craftsmanship with modern technological advancements to make top quality knives and recognize IVO Cutlery as a leading manufacturer of cutlery in the global marketplace. IVO Cutlery focuses its facility on the development of a wide range of knives for the professional and home based user, utilizing only the finest materials in production. German stainless steel and advanced technological methodology are combined with a century of pride in the art of knife, resulting in superior cutting tools for each and every owner of our knives.

Lightweight with superior cutting power, Ivo Titanium Evo are durable and well suited to high usage environments. Featuring titanium coated stainless steel blades for greater protection and a polypropylene ergonomic handle for proper handling and precision.

Item Code 27089
Blade 130mm
Barcode 9313996270892