Dinnerware Care & Maintenance

Hospitality dinnerware handles a heavy workload, and while our ranges are designed for such usage, some simple steps can be taken to prolong the life of your products significantly. 

To prevent breakage and chipping due to the profile of this range, avoid

  • Improper loading in dish racks
  • Piling heavy items on lighter items
  • Stacking dinnerware too high
  • Nesting cups
  • Lack of protective matting on floor of the dishwashing area
  • High water pressure in dishwashing machine
  • No rubber guards on disposal unit or dishwashing machine
  • Hand-washing operation

To prevent unnecessary damage or loss when stacking

  • Consider the size and type of your storage space
  • Never stack items that were not designed for stacking
  • Never stack drag (where the bottom of the top plate can hit the top rim of the next plate in the stack)


    To prevent scratches and metal marking, avoid

    • Stacking hot, wet dinnerware
    • Not regularly cleaning stainless steel benches
    • Overworking dinnerware