We are dedicated to becoming a champion for change in our industry, and we want to be accountable to our commitments while empowering you to make better product choices.

Using recyclable and biodegradable materials that have a lower environmental impact is one of our main strategies to reduce our overall footprint on the Earth.

We’re excited to share our journey to a more sustainable company with you. 

01 Responsible Packaging

  • Paper Packaging Tape
  • Void Fillers
  • Reduction of plastic in packaging
  • Recycled board in packaging
  • Biodegradable vegetable inks


02 Environment

Along with using more sustainable materials in our products, we have developed several strategies across our business to reduce our overall environmental footprint. 

We have switched to more environmentally responsible products and processes around our office and warehouse. 

Look out for more on our goals in this space as we continue to develop our environmental strategy.

We are on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint in several ways across our business:

  • We have implemented a cloud strategy for our staff. We have reduced our power consumption and carbon footprint as we don't require physical servers.
  • The paper we use within our office printers and for our printed catalogue are FSC certified and are made from 70% recyclable paper. 
  • We have been undertaking system improvements over the past few years. Our new in house system is cloud base which is 39% more energy efficient than our previous platform. 
  • We are moving towards 100% plastic-free retail packaging to be more conscientious about wastage from our business to our customer's. 

03 Ethical Supply

Ensuring our brand operates ethically in regards to our supply chain is integral to our conscious strategy. 

We have taken practical steps to adhere to current global standards and continue to improve this aspect of our business.

Our goal is to drive continuous improvement within our supply chain and help improve the workers' environments that make our products.

Discrimination in any form, including based on gender, is not tolerated.

Tomkin is committed to addressing any gender inequality in our supply chain. Tomkin prohibits the use of child, forced or bonded labour under Young Workers and Child Labour Policy and Forced Labour Policy.

04 Community

We are passionate about creating positive change through our charity partnerships and community initiatives. Tomkin and our employees are proud to support a range of diverse organisations.

05 Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to evolving our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices and cultivating an environment of inclusiveness and belonging which values diversity and enables individuals to thrive. 

We recognise that each individual possesses a rich, diverse set of perspectives, cultural experiences, and values. We acknowledge the importance of harnessing this diversity to promote a cohesive and synergistic workforce.