Drinkware Care & Maintenance

Top 3 reasons why glass breaks: 

  1. Stacking glasses which are not designed to be stacked
  2. Thermal shock when ice is added to a glass that has not reached room temperature after washing
  3. Mechanical shock caused by minute abrasions from contact with foreign objects such as cutlery and muddlers

Correct storage and stacking, washing, drink preparation, and serving can minimise glass breakage:


Rinse glasses as soon as possible after use and don’t leave them soiled for long periods
Use dishwasher racks designed for commercial use
Stack glassware away from dinnerware and cutlery
Ensure glasses don’t come in contact with each other in glass racks

Drink Preparation
Make sure glasses are at room temperature before using them, unless they’re for serving hot beverages, in which case gently heat them first
Pour ice into glasses using plastic scoops
Keep glasses clear of taps and dispensers

Make sure glassware is sparkling and without smudging before serving
Never serve chipped or cracked glassware for safety reasons
Avoid collecting more than one glass at a time to avoid glasses clashing with each other
Hold glasses by the stem whether polishing or pouring

Always store glassware in plastic, compartmentalised racks
Make sure glasses don’t touch at either the base or rim
Don’t stack glasses on top of each other unless they’re in racks designed to do so
Don’t store glasses until they’ve cooled