Pro-Strain Cocktail Rose Gold Strainer



Zanzi strainers are a popular option among professional bartenders since they are versatile, useful, and easy to clean. Ice shards and silt are filtered out by the spring design, which does not get caught in your mixing pan or glass. Pro-Strain Cocktail Rose Gold Strainer will always wow your guests and family. Our best trendy strainer, made of high-quality stainless steel with an eye-catching copper finish, fits big and standard mixing glasses, and two sets of perforations make split pours a breeze.

A spring is included in the design. The body has been thickened. Zanzi Strainers are designed to enrich and elevate your bar experience. Born with mixologists in mind, our cocktail strainers allow only liquids to pass through while adding a twist of color with brilliant metallics. Add this unique item to your cart now before it is sold out!

Item Code Z0324
Depth 34mm
Packaging 1pc Gift Boxed
Barcode 9313996029827