October 17, 2023 1 min read

Costa Nova is fueled by the core values of love, family, friends, and the pleasure of savouring good food, all of which merge into the delicate pieces they craft. With an unwavering commitment to quality, design, and authentic ceramic craftsmanship, Costa Nova has etched its name as a paragon of sophistication and artistry.

Nestled in a quaint Portuguese fishing village overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the origins of Costa Nova infuse its creations with a unique character. Inspired by the rugged beauty of their surroundings, the brand draws upon Portugal's finest natural resources to produce innovative and sustainable stoneware.

Central to Costa Nova's identity is its meticulous production process. The stoneware is subjected to scorching temperatures reaching up to 1180ºC through a single firing system. This intricate process fosters a special bond between the clay and the glazed surface, creating a distinctive, durable, resistant ceramic body.

The beating heart of Costa Nova lies in its collaborative team, a synergy of designers, technicians, modellers, and artisans. This collective powerhouse ceaselessly pushes the boundaries of creativity, consistently conceiving original shapes and vibrant colour palettes.

In a world where disposable culture often prevails, Costa Nova's commitment to sustainability shines as a beacon of responsibility. By thoughtfully harnessing Portugal's natural resources and employing an eco-conscious approach, the brand embodies the spirit of mindful craftsmanship, crafting stoneware that resonates with the environment as well as the heart.

Costa Nova's stoneware isn't just an embellishment for our tables – it's an invitation to celebrate life's simple yet profound pleasures.